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Mario Carpo. July 2015. Excerpt from Log 34, Spring/Summer 2015. Some people like machines, some don’t. In the 19th century, while the Industrial Revolution was changing the world, many architects rejected the new technologies of mass production, sometimes using the new industrial materials to imitate the styles of the past. Then came 20th-century modernism, and designers belatedly but enthusiastically […]

Meredith TenHoor. July 2015. Excerpt from Log 34, Spring/Summer 2015 Today, architectural designs for food infrastructures plaster the walls of architecture schools. Thesis projects for vertical farms and food distribution networks showcase the capacities of architects to think about infrastructure: to map complex supply and logistics chains and therefore improve “inefficient” food systems by harnessing data and design to […]

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It’s widely held that critical theory and left theory more generally is too opaque for a wide audience and that’s a bad thing. It’s bad for a number of reasons. The more accessible one’s writing, the wider your audience will be. The wider your audience, the more potential your thought has to…

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Technology is evolving rapidly, and one of the next steps in this evolution is wearable technology.  Today, wearable technology is just starting to fight its way into the main stream with products like the iWatch and Google Glass, but has the potential to do so much more in the future.  Everyone can benefit from the […]

Powerful modern technology and historic buildings can make a successful partnership The REVIT model for this 1950s building and later extension – being worked on by Feilden Mawson – was constructed from 2D survey, historic drawings and photographs. Are the highly decorated buildings of the past too complex to benefit from the advantages of building […]