BIM and efficient building

Philip Janssens. Read the full article here

Why building information modelling has picked up pace globally

From pre-planning and design stages of a project to operation and maintenance of installed building services, building information modelling (BIM) systems offer considerable advantages and benefits.
The importance of BIM

BIM is a process that enables architects, engineers, contractors and owners to collaborate throughout the lifecycle of a building project, from the earliest design concept to the demolition of the building.

It works on the principle of spending time and effort at the very outset to reduce the risk of problems on-site that can be difficult to resolve, cause delays and incur additional costs.

More than just 3D drawings, BIM concepts include collaboration between trades that have previously worked independently.

Using software such as Revit, a 3D computer model can be created that represents the physical and functional characteristics of a facility.

This becomes a visual communication tool shared by all stakeholders that can be used to effectively manage project information for consistent, accurate and coordinated models.

In practice, each partner owns their own model. The coordination team brings together the models, integrates the information and carries out clash detection to identify any pipe collisions or interferences within the model. Once clash detection is run, trades will come together in coordination meetings to discuss and trouble-shoot issues found in the models. This allows open communication and quick resolution during the planning stages.

Since it forms a reliable basis for decisions regarding design details, scheduling and clash detection, BIM-led projects can be planned and executed more quickly, economically and sustainably.


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