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Module 1 part 1 – Link data between Flux and Excel Module 1 part 2 – Link data between Flux and Grasshopper 3D Module 1 part 3 – Round trip building data from Grasshopper 3D to Flux Module 1 part 4 – Export Flux data to compare in Excel Advertisements

Chris Kimble & Giannis Milolidakis Offering unprecedented levels of intelligence con- cerning the habits of consumers and rivals, big data promises to revolutionize the way enterprises are run. And yet, the concept of big data is one of the most poorly understood terms in business today. The implications for big data analytics are not as […]

“The best projects were always those with a good collaborative team,” said Roger Ferch, president of the American Institute of Steel Construction, at the recent BIMForum in Orlando, Fla., where he was speaking of successful construction projects. And that’s where building information modeling (BIM) and virtual design and construction (VDC) come into play. BIM and VDC help engender […]

Live Webinar: How BIM can accelerate project-wide review cycles In this webinar, hear from Chris Pynn of Arup and Steve Fox of BIM Consulting on how organisations use BIM across project phases and their entire team to accelerate reviews and improve decision making. Plus hear about key trends in BIM adoption and some of the […]

AECbytes Feature (October 22, 2015) Given that it’s been over 20 years since Singapore initiated its CORENET project for automating the checking of building plans submitted online for code compliance, and we have had a company like Solibri focused on model-checking since 1999, and BIM has taken off for all other processes in AEC, it remains somewhat of a […]

How we think about our place in the world has been transformed through various revolutions of ideas from big thinkers such as Galileo, Darwin and Freud. Now, Philosopher Luciano Floridi believes that we are now into a new fourth revolution in the mass age of information and data. Could it be that now that we […]

The Cooper Union Shows Sketches from Leading Contemporary Architects Daniel Libeskind, The Garden, 1979. © Daniel Libeskind. From the Collection of the Alvin Boyarsky Archive. Zaha Hadid, The World (89 Degrees), 1984. © Zaha Hadid. From the Collection of the Alvin Boyarsky Archive. On Oct. 13, The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture at The Cooper Union for the Advancement […]

This video introduces the BIM Framework, its principles and goals. It also explains how the BIM Framework is composed of multiple interconnected part, each simplifying a complex topic, identifying a workflow, or delivering a performance measurement/decision support tool.

This video explains the BIM Fields model, the first dimension of the Tri-axial Model. BIM Fields refer to all topics, activities, and actors across the BIM domain. The Venn diagram (three overlapping circles) identifies Field Types (Technology, Process and Policy), Field Components (Players, Deliverables and Requirements), Field interactions and Field overlap.

Si existe un archienemigo de la productividad, como Moriarty lo fue para Sherlock Holmes, ésta es sin duda la procrastinación. ¿Qué es la procrastinación? Según la definición de Wikipedia, “La procrastinación (del latín: pro, adelante, y crastinus, referente al futuro), postergación o posposición, es la acción o hábito de postergar actividades o situaciones que deben […]