Archive for November, 2015 Any organization or business that pioneers a new idea or industry is going to face unique challenges. For Ryot–a media company that prides itself on expanding beyond the who, what, where, and why–the challenge is to simply and effectively communicate who they are and what they do. Once they’ve accomplished that, they can continue […]

Abstract Ireland is undergoing a digital transformation. Some industries particularly in the areas of travel and retail have been radically transformed. However many industries are facing their biggest challenge in their existence already weakened by the economic crisis and constrained by their legacy business, it will be difficult for them to adapt and embrace the […]

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SketchUp 2016 with Trimble Connect Integration for Building Information Modeling Collaboration Anywhere, Anytime SUNNYVALE, Calif., Nov. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Trimble (NASDAQ:  TRMB) today released SketchUp 2016, the latest version of the world’s most widely used 3D modeling software for architects, engineers, design and construction professionals as well as members of the global maker community. Along with multiple enhancements […]

If a successful construction project is one that is finished on time and on budget, what are the keys to generating that success? First, making sure all stake holders (owner, design team, construction team, etc.) are on the same page with the goal of working together is important. A study by Charles Pankow Foundation and […]

How many millions of material and chemical ingredients go into the built environment —offices, homes, train station, hotels and factories? The environmental impact of the use of materials is now being tracked as part of an undertaking by Google, its Google X spin off Flux, software and consulting firm thinkstep and the Healthy Building Network. […] The construction industry is in the midst of a transition with traditional design systems being gradually replaced by novel virtual modeling technologies. This transition takes place gradually rather than radically and while new systems (e.g. Building Information Modelling) become increasingly diffused in the industry, many legacy systems and practices are left intact. This leads […]

Agile PM and BIM: A hybrid scheduling approach for a technological construction project Ing. Radan Tomek, MSc.*, Ing. arch. Sergey Kalinichuk The effort of shortening construction project duration usually increases the complexity of the project, creating real problems for the project team. The main problems arise in the relationships between the project’s phases and […]

Software cannot be bolted onto physical products to survive IoT: Autodesk Autodesk manufacturing industry strategist, Diego Tamburini, believes product designers must partner their creations with software in mind, in order to compete in a world of the Internet of Things. “If you’re the manufacturer of an oven you’ve traditionally worried about efficiency, power, and heat, […]