Agile PM and BIM


Agile PM and BIM: A hybrid scheduling approach for a technological construction project

Ing. Radan Tomek, MSc.*, Ing. arch. Sergey Kalinichuk

The effort of shortening construction project duration usually increases the complexity of the project, creating real problems for the project team. The main problems arise in the relationships between the project’s phases and reactions to changes during the project period. Also most overlapping techniques – such as concurrent engineering, parallel engineering, phased construction, fast-tracking, flash-tracking, and agile project management – reduce the time from the start of construction of separate parts of the project to completion [1,2,3,4,5]. This happens because the reduction of the investment process duration in the construction process is the major component in the whole control system. First, the changes and instability in the market conditions together with the exposition of considerable funds for the project represent a great risk for the Investor. Secondly, the reduction of the project realization terms involves the reduction of the period of a recoupment and improvement of some other indicators of economic efficiency of the projects.


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