How RYOT News plans to take on the giants


Any organization or business that pioneers a new idea or industry is going to face unique challenges. For Ryot–a media company that prides itself on expanding beyond the who, what, where, and why–the challenge is to simply and effectively communicate who they are and what they do. Once they’ve accomplished that, they can continue with their mission of changing the world one news story at a time.

While they’ve more than succeeded at garnering attention and acclaim as socially responsible activists within the cause space, Ryot organizers now have their sights set on a new goal: being identified and respected as a news organization. Because providing thoughtful, expansive coverage of social and political issues isn’t enough if the right audiences aren’t listening.

For that, Ryot organizers Bryn Mooser and Molly Swenson have embraced .NEWS, the new domain extension that immediately tells viewers that they can expect to find authoritative, quality coverage. The .NEWS domain extension helps Ryot embrace its complex, hybrid identity as news organization and institution dedicated to social change and good.


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