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Walter Gropius (ed.), Internationale Architektur, Munich: Albert Langen, 1925 Paul Klee, Pädagogisches Skizzenbuch, Munich: Albert Langen, 1925, 50 pp. Die Bühne am Bauhaus, Munich: Albert Langen, 1925. Walter Gropius (ed.), Neue Arbeiten der Bauhauswerkstäffen, Munich: Albert Langen, 1925. Walter Gropius, Bauhausbauten Dessau, Munich: Albert Langen, 1930 And here are some key Bauhaus journals: bauhaus 1 (1926). 5 pages, 42 cm. Download (23 […]

An Interview with Renée Cheng, by Emily Grandstaff-Rice  The University of Minnesota has created a program called the Master of Science in Research Practice. Students spend time in “Research Practice Internships” jointly supervised by faculty and students on research topics that are identified in a variety of ways. In this interview, architect Emily Grandstaff-Rice talks to […]

“life is difficult, hard to understand, useless, and mysterious.” The Limits of Knowledge, and What Science Is and Isn’t Among the many things for which I remain profoundly grateful is the fact that so much of life defies human explanation. The unimaginative and the dull may insist that they have an explanation for everything, and […]

by David Dewane @dinet Four interviews from the front lines of public interest design. Design for social impact has been gaining momentum for some time. Most of these early luminaries (e.g. Bryan Bell, Cameron Sinclair, Teddy Cruz, John Peterson) are still active. Indeed, many are entering what is typically considered the prime years of an […]

by Kenneth Schwartz @dinet Tulane School of Architecture students have opportunities that go beyond most other schools of architecture in bringing their talents and compassion to bear on real issues of the community At the Tulane School of Architecture we operate in the intersection between disciplinary knowledge in architectural and urban design and direct action […]

The very concept of architecture could be misleading both the public and the profession. “The State of the Art of Architecture” is the theme of the Chicago Biennial, on view now til January. Photo by Steve Hall.  In July, I wrote that when architects use the bodies of specific women such as Marilyn Monroe or Beyoncé as “inspiration” for […]

BIM – it’s one of the latest acronyms floating around our industry, and the hype is growing as our governments embrace the technology to improve efficiencies across the construction industry. BIM can deliver tangible benefits for asset owners, not only during design and construction, but for the long-term management of their asset. So it’s worth […]

Automation could revolutionize architecture by eliminating architects. Source: Seven years ago, in my then-column for Architect magazine, I wrote that computerized automation eventually could fulfill the ultimate aims of green building by achieving dramatically better performance. Now the same magazine has taken up the same topic in a couple of recent articles. In June, Daniel Davis declared that […]

Ver artículo completo Debido que los responsables de formular políticas [i] desean copiar a otros responsables o bien desarrollan sus propias guías BIM, protocolos y mandatos, creemos que puede ser beneficioso compartir la investigación de visión global que estamos llevando a cabo, con todos aquellos que estén interesados. En base a la colaboración vigente con el Dr Mohamad Kassem (Teesside University, UK), […]

Artículo What if you could look at your model and see exactly how it would look in a real environment – and then explore it inside and out in virtual reality? The premise of Revit, the popular building information modeling (BIM) platform, is to design buildings quickly and then see exactly how they might look […]