Construction Education in the New Digital Age


Education in the New Digital World

Construction education is at a watershed! While construction education

provides knowledge and skills from the past, we are acutely aware that

dramatic change is rushing towards us as a result of the rise of the

information world and the computer and communications technology

that supports it. Even though these inadequacies have raised major

concerns, we are unsure what to do as the future is not obvious.

We know that our education and teaching must prepare students for

this new, but uncertain, future. However, we need to educate ourselves

first in understanding the world of information and its uncertainties.

This workshop is arranged to provide that for our academics and

educators. We are researching our future.

The BIM tool, which forms the focus of many of the papers here, is the

start of these changes. As the papers reveal, we know about the form

and operation but little about its implementation. As a result we will not

have ready-made solutions but need to be proactive in developing these

solutions and the skills to support them. Apart from BIM, e-commerce,

integrated logistics, offsite manufacture and manufacture to order are

some of the other novel ideas that would change construction processes

in the near future. To crown these changes, we must also acknowledge

that IT developments will significantly impact on education itself.

We need more research to cope with this. We need more discussions

and workshops to find a collective purpose to address our future.

ARCOM also seeks to encourage and advance early career researchers.

It does this through such workshops in order to develop the research

community not just academically but socially so that it is sustainable for

the future. This workshop is uniquely supported by CHOBE, the Council

of Heads of the Built Environment and CIB W089 Building research and

Education both of whom are at the forefront of developing a response

to the educational changes. It is these integrated working practices

which will be required for future construction education.


Professor David Boyd


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