Adaptative Urbanism




Jernej Vidmar, Janez Koželj University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture, Slovenia


Immense environmental changes and technological advancement,
which are causing rapid and unexpected changes, are forcing our cities to reorganize and transform at all levels. As modern cities are becoming ever more dynamic and opened for future changes, the traditional operative instruments of development regulation (e.g. master plan) fall behind. They lack the flexibility and responsiveness needed to follow the speed and unpredictability of changes. Thus, more adaptive city planning methods are required. In this paper, we have presented a novel planning and design method that could enhance traditional instruments of development regu- lation. The proposed method is based on parametric maps, which enable open-ended, flexible and responsive planning of urban development. Parametric maps transform urban development regulations into direct (interactive) solution space within which a myriad of valid urban design alternatives can easily be created and evaluated. This enables adaptive city planning opened for future changes. To evaluate the proposed method, we have developed interactive prototype application. Preliminary results show that by using parametric maps to describe development regulations, urban planning and design process can be enhanced. They also indicate that parametric maps could complement conventional master plans to become more flexible and responsive, which better responds to the needs of planning contemporary cities.


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