Example of a Parametric Truss


Example of a Parametric Truss using Dynamo + React Structures

The version 0.9 of Dynamo with the Structural Analysis package is installed along with React Structures Technology Preview 2.
If the user/structural engineer wants to use React Structures in conjunction with Dynamo, he has everything he needs to get started.

React Structures Ribbon
In the world of structural engineering, we are challenged to make several structural analysis models, to find the best solution, and to be the leaders in economic structure design. React Structures + Dynamo are great solutions that help with this. It speeds up the modelling process of parametric structures which are very often used by structural engineers.
Dynamo for React Structures helps users not only to generate structural geometry but also:
• Assign structural properties such as: section shapes, materials, releases etc…Dynamo Structural Properties
• Create load cases and apply various types of loads.
• Run calculations.

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