Building Informed Environments by Intensifying Architecture


Kimon Onuma, FAIA

Building Information Modeling (BIM) can be used to build informed environments and drive incredible value for the individual building and entire cities. In the world of big data, information is the new currency and BIM has a massive amount of embedded information and knowledge that is underutilized. If we can find Starbucks on our mobile devices why can’t the same technology be used to find anything else about a building or city?

As Buildings and cities produce increasing amounts of data and start to “talk” to each other with the Internet of things, processing this large amount of data using a file-based exchange is not enough. Smaller transactions of only the data that is needed using a services oriented architecture is a solution. The award winning and projects initiated by two large healthcare owners are examples of how this is possible today.

Complex owner requirement data for hospitals that was once locked in files as PDFs, Excels, and stand-alone BIMs is now accessible in real time with a direct link to the SEPS platform. This data can then be consumed in real time by other apps to act on. The BIM data must be as easy to consume and use as Legos. Standards such as IFC are important but must not encumber access to the data in BIM that end users and solution providers need.

Solving the climate change challenges cannot be done in isolation. It is urgent that knowledge and information be shared. Lonely BIMs are no longer an option. Realizing this full potential of the information in BIM and intensifying architecture will be the focus of the keynote presentation at the CITA BIM Gathering in Dublin


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