Working out of the box and between the lines



“In many ways, the disintegration of old processes and old structures has to happen before things re-form into new, clear approaches. ”

— Phillip Bernstein FAIA

Designer without borders

Phillip Bernstein: More information flowing in more directions creates blurrier boundaries, which ultimately makes for a better result. But it’s not a free-for-all. One of the issues the architectural profession is going to have to confront is, who sits in the middle of this process? Let’s say everybody wants to col- laborate. At some point, someone has to manage the process. Who is in the middle of that process? My students are constantly making analogies to the old “master builder” paradigm, which I think is long gone. We’re never going back; the world’s just too complicated. But the replacement of the master builder is going to have to be somebody who orchestrates the process and all the information that technology creates. And who’s going to do that? If it’s not architects, I think there’s a serious problem.



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