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No one denies that architecture directly addresses crucially important realms, as we are reminded in discussions of sustainability, various forms of public health, and safety. It has a direct role in dealing with human comfort and well-being. It has huge impacts on energy, water and resource needs, and later with refuse. Yet here in the […]

  The world is changing faster than ever before. Consider just one of the global megatrends shaking up the construction industry: the population of the world’s urban areas is increasing by 200,000 people per day, all of whom need affordable housing as well as social, transportation and utility infrastructure. In the face of such challenges, […]

A Legacy Of Change In Practice And Education from Architect, educator, and activist Natalie de Blois, who died in July of this year, worked on some of the most iconic modern works of architecture in America in the mid-20th century—including the Lever House (1952), the Pepsi Cola World Headquarters (1960), and the Union Carbide Corporation […]

from An efficient MEP system ensures a smoother lifecycle of the facility that it is a part of. Further, it ensures a reduced impact of the building on the environment. Most of all, an efficient MEP system impacts the building’s usability. In the building design process hierarchy, it comes in after architectural and structural components […]

Technological advances, from 3D printing to building information modelling (BIM), are promising to revolutionise the construction industry Today the construction industry is on the cusp of a monumental new period of technological innovation – the “era of connection”. A powerful array of disruptive trends, from 3D printing and cloud computing to the collision of the […]

Today, the architectural, engineering, construction, and operation (AECO) industry is motivated to employ graduates educated about Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools, techniques, and processes, which help them to better integrate visualizations and data into their projects. In line with today’s AECO industry necessities and government mandates, globally active BIM educationalists and researchers are designing BIM […]

from Connectivity Total Design enables ‘systems thinking’, the capacity to tackle complex, large-scale issues. In this Ove’s philosophy has prepared us to move far beyond traditional engineering. When you look at challenges like climate change, or the move towards circular, more sustainable forms of production, the need for big-picture thinking is clear. Systems thinking is messy, […]

from BIM Framework Project Information Taxonomy – Table INFORMATION REPRESENTATION TYPE How information is represented Document A physical or digital medium (e.g. a paper or an email) carrying a variety of Information including text, Data (e.g. hexadecimal code) and embedded Models (e.g. a 3D PDF document) [Partially adapted from ISO 14050:2009 and ISO 9000:2005][1] Model A digital three-dimensional representation […]

by Guy Keulemans By itself, concrete is a very durable construction material. The magnificent Pantheon in Rome, the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome, is in excellent condition after nearly 1,900 years. And yet many concrete structures from last century – bridges, highways and buildings – are crumbling. Many concrete structures built this century will be obsolete before its […]