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…”Cuando era joven e ingenuo creía que la gente que ocupaba roles importantes, tomaba sus decisiones cuidadosamente considerando una gran cantidad de opciones. Ha pasado el tiempo y algo he crecido. En este tiempo he cambiado un poco mi opinión y ahora creo que eso no es completamente cierto, después de encuentros y encontronazos, veo […]

BIM Forum 2016


BIM Forum The Level of Development (LOD) Specification is a reference that enables practitioners in the AEC Industry to specify and articulate with a high level of clarity the content and reliability of Building Information Models (BIMs) at various stages in the design and construction process. The LOD Specification utilizes the basic LOD definitions developed by the AIA for […]

Webinar teaches how to harness information to provide better projects Miscommunication and poor collaboration can stifle progress on a construction jobsite. By leveraging data extraction solutions, project managers can have more power over communication between teams and stages throughout the building process. That means project information is up to date, accurate and in line with […]

How Globalisation Is Affecting An Industry By Brian Toyota, ML Design Globalisation is slowly turning the world into one large marketplace, but it’s impacts on the property and development industry are just starting to emerge – especially when it involves the role of the modern architect. What used to be small project teams based in one […]

BY LARS CHRISTIAN FREDENLUND The fourth industrial revolution is upon us. With the flashy phrase “Industry 4.0” gaining popularity over the web, coBuilder’s Lars Christian Fredenlund explains the origins of the concept and how it will reshape (construction) manufacturing as we know it.  Industry 4.0 is defined as the process of digitisation of all physical […]

En abril de 2007, esto pasaba en Australia. New digital technology set to revolutionise architectural practice New computer technology that liberates the design and construction process, while making it more efficient and cost effective, is set to revolutionise Australian architectural practice – with immediate benefits for all Australians. Many new buildings – including Melbourne’s Eureka […]

BIM Prospects


The Journey so far. Where next for BIM Level 2? Data formats, dictionaries & validation Solibri Workshop IFC standards, BIM Level 3 & geospatial standards  

Que es BIM


Una Breve introducción a BIM Que es BIM, en Perú.