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by Christoph Knoess, Ron Harbour, Steve Scemama   The internet has dramatically changed the way companies operate. Massive data storage capacity, super-fast data transmission and mobility devices—along with slick application program interfaces—have left companies scrambling to adapt. As workforces hollow out, the remaining employees will be highly specialized and experienced business/technology hybrids—a new breed of professional who can work in […]

by Jason Ruddle Construction is looking towards a digital future, and embracing technology as never before. BIM has given impetus to investments in collaboration and information sharing. However, we believe that unless contractors also address their project management (PM) approach they cannot effectively pursue a digital construction future, or even implement BIM to full effect. […]

by Richard Saxon While BIM use accelerates among designers and constructors, it is clear that clients are mostly disengaged. Surveys suggest that 75% of clients that are using BIM on their projects are “passive”. I use this term to indicate clients that are willing to let BIM be used on their job but are not […]

by Mark Farmer It is clear to me that scaling up the digital agenda, with BIM at its heart, is crucial to how the industry addresses its systemic problems, of which I would highlight the following selection here: Productivity – The ability to ensure coordinated and integrated products designed with manufacture and assembly in mind. BIM […]

by Proactive Practices MASS Design Group was founded in 2006 by a group of students at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design (GSD). The idea emerged when Michael Murphy heard Dr. Paul Farmer, co-founder of Partners in Health, speak at Harvard about the work his organization does in developing countries. Over the last 30 years, PIH has […]

By BIM Freak It’s time to be a leader; time to take control of this BIM rollercoaster and set it on the right course. To quote Wesley Benn “Is BIM Better… er… er?” Currently there are a lot of misconceptions in BIM and too much leaping before looking. As BIM advocates and innovators we need […]

by Rand Deutsch Leading in the Age of BIM Leading at any time is hard. Leading during turbulent times is even more difficult. Design professionals at all levels of organizations are experiencing turbulent change due to economic conditions, disruptive technology, and increasingly collaborative work processes. When we think of building information modeling we often think […]

by Randy Deutsch Al no colaborar los arquitectos quedan marginados. No saber cómo colaborar conduce a la irrelevancia. How We Can Make Collaboration Work Architects know that they need to collaborate to succeed. But how will they go about doing it? How, in other words, will they make collaboration happen? As importantly, how will architects […]