Digital Collaboration Tools – which one to use?


by Daniel Kalnins


I’m sure many of you have asked the question “what tool should I use to view 3D Models?”  If you’re like me, the answer isn’t so simple as it shouldn’t just be about the solution but more about the problem you’re trying to solve. What’s the bigger question behind the question? i.e. what are you trying to do with the digital models and data and is a 3D viewer really the solution to the problem?

Then, once you’ve worked out the problem to solve, there are so many different options out there it can make your head spin. Depending on whether you want just a 3D viewer or you want it integrated to digital forms and 2D drawings etc, the bigger question starts to arise of whether you want to take an approach of using individual tools or whether you want a connected, system-wide approach?

When most Consultants and teams look at the problem they often look at it through a tunnel-focus, looking at their individual discipline and not understanding the bigger picture of the rest of the project. For example, you could look at a Virtual Reality (VR) tool during design, which is great, but what if you could then use the same VR tool during Construction sequencing as well, which then integrates workflows between the teams and breaks down silos.



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