The BIM Guides Wiki Project


Wiki Metrics

81 BIM Guides listed in the Wiki

23 Reviews Completed

141 Concepts listed in the Wiki

754 Documents listed in the Reference Compendium

An initiative from the buildingSMART/Process room, this project uses a template based on new concepts for categorization of BIM Guidelines and Supporting Document Content in existence around the world. This is the first project of its kind and, using this comparison and categorization method, is a means to consensus standardization, deeper understanding and knowledge, as well as further research and development for BIM. The new concepts introduced were developed from user experience and the project goal is to achieve an international framework based on these real-world procedures and requirements from industry. Guidelines are for the user and this project sets out to give insight and direction to those needing, using and creating BIM Guidelines, Standards and Supporting Documents.

For the purposes of this project, “Guides” refer to any documentation that has been published to support the end-user in applying standardized processes, procedures or technical requirements in Building Information Modelling.

buildingSMART BIM Reference Map – 



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