Architecture conversations


The field of design has radically expanded, and thus so must its spheres of discourse and modes of engagement. e-flux Architecture began to chart out this new territory with Superhumanity, a project at the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial that brought together critical voices from the fields of literature, science, art, architecture, design, philosophy, history, archaeology and anthropology to reflect on the biennial’s thematic question of “Are We Human?” through the lens of “self-design.” As the project continues, well beyond the end of the exhibition of the Biennial itself, we are proud to announce a new dimension of its discursive initiative.

e-flux Architecture has invited the Royal College of Art’s School of Architecture to contribute a series of short responses to Superhumanity through the e-flux conversations platform. Adrian Lahoud, Dean of School of Architecture and Head of Programme at the Royal College of Art, said on the collaboration:

“With its Superhumanity project, e-flux Architecture has turned monophonic broadcast into polyphony, and crucially, in a way that broadens involvement without becoming an echo chamber. It’s like a little machine to make alliances around ideas—one that we are quite happy to plug into.”

Over the coming month, members of the Royal College of Art’s community will serve as first respondents to some of the texts, thereby framing the project’s discourse and opening it for wider discussion. Subsequent commentary is open to all: please join us in this project by registering your own e-flux conversations account here.


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