Is a #BIM Manager role required? #Certification and #chartered status discussed


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This blog explores whether a BIM Manager role is required and asked whether a formal certification is required to provide a level of confidence for clients in the abilities of that individual.

BIM Manager Role definition

(Kensek and Nobel, 2014, p.364) states that a BIM manager is “a staff member who is entrusted with establishing BIM protocols and BIM training in an office and often is the offices expert on BIM software, hardware, and documentation”.  This is a general overview of the role of BIM Manager however it does not describe the complexity of the role in full.  Eastman (2011, p.355) states that BIM Managers work alongside project teams to manage and update a model with particular emphasis on guaranteeing “origin, orientation, naming and format consistency, and to coordinate the exchange of model components with internal design groups and external designers and engineers”. In addition to this Eastman focuses on the…

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