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Data literacy: Your data-driven advantage starts with your people  All too often, the narrative of what it takes to be ‘data-driven’ focuses on methods for collecting, synthesizing, and visualizing data. BIG DATA | MAY 24, 2017 | NATHAN MILLER Take a few minutes to think about the people you work with and how they approach […]

by advenser | Origins of Lean Principles The lean principle, in simple terms, is all about reducing non-value-adding activities and materials (Waste) in a process. The origins of the lean concept can be traced back to the Japanese automobile industry called Toyota. It was an evolved mass production process in which an extreme emphasis was […]

by CMiC Why Construction Companies Are Really Accounting Companies If project management is the heart of the construction firm, then financials is the oil that keeps operations running smoothly. That’s why even small financial software issues have far-reaching effects and can easily throw a wrench into job site productivity. As CMiC client John Jacobs of […]

by Sheila Kim @ ARCHITIZER Vectorworks: No Glasses Needed for AR/VR Views The developer behind the popular Vectorworks Architect software showcased recent updates and improvements to its BIM modeling and work-flow tools. But the biggest highlights were, of course, in augmented and virtual reality, which no longer require goggles, Google cardboard or any other VR […]

by CAO Dongping, LI Heng, WANG Guangbin Abstract:Drawing on resource dependence theory, this paper develops and empirically tests a model for understanding how the implementation of building information modeling (BIM) in construction projects impacts the performance of different project participating organizations through improving their interorganizational collaboration capabilities. Based on two sets of survey data collected from […]

by Susanna Vass & Tina Karrbom Gustavsson Abstract Public clients have been identified as drivers of architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry change through their implementation of building information modelling (BIM). Yet, little is known of this implementation process and the associated challenges. This study aims to increase the understanding of what intra- and inter-organizational challenges […]


BY GAURANG TRIVEDI TECHNOLOGY   Is a BIM-ready construction sector ready to embrace augmented reality (AR) as a standard practice? Will it tightly integrate the design and construction phases for improved communication, quality and efficiency across the building design and development, or is it still an add-on to core working practices? Gaurang Trivedi investigates. The […]

by BIMIreland China’s AEC industry is poised to “leapfrog” the rest of the world in BIM adoption according to Paul Doherty, Chairman of theBIMcompany and President and CEO of the digit group, inc.  Irish building magazine spoke to Paul about BIM adoption in China and his upcoming work there – developing 300 Smart Cities over […]

by Cheyenne McDonalds Not long before his death, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs envisioned ‘building the best office building in the world.’ And, with elaborate glass canopies, a two-story yoga room, a 4,000 person café with four-story glass doors, and even patented pizza boxes to prevent food from getting soggy, Apple’s highly-anticipated ‘mothership’ headquarters could soon […]