xquantitysurveying880px.jpg.pagespeed.ic.PBPYTjMNxM.jpgRussell Lloyd, head of cost management of consultant Rider Levett Bucknall and member of its global BIM committee, describes how BIM can help quantity surveyors, but it won’t be replacing them any time soon.

RLB is global consultant – do you have a global BIM strategy?

We have 120 offices around the world and we are implementing the use of BIM on a global basis. Historically each country has done their own thing, but in the last 18 months we’ve set clear global objectives, sharing ideas, training and internal protocols, whilst acknowledging that each country’s maturity level varies.

I would say Singapore (where BIM is mandatory), Hong Kong and the UK are leading the way. Australia perhaps to a lesser extent because there is a slower take-up by the designers/architects there.

Why is the head of cost management looking after BIM?

For us BIM is inherent in the service we provide – not a bolt on, so it makes sense for it to be integrated within cost management. Our largest service offering is cost management; hence we started with quantity surveying and are gradually expanding to other services.

There’s general nervousness in quantity surveying that BIM will replace the role in some way, particularly in the measurement of quantities. With time it might take that skill away, but BIM is a tool which enables us to undertake our role better.

All of our staff across the business are trained with a general awareness and guidance on BIM. Project-specific staff are trained to a higher level. This team of experts is growing all of the time as more projects adopt BIM.

Project staff, for example, interrogate the BIM file with a variety of design/interrogation software which helps non-designers verify the accuracy of the file, which may have been created using a number of different packages. Designers/architects like the fact we’re using different software as it means they get fewer queries.


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