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This year, The Bartlett held its first annual conference on pedagogy, “Pedagogy meets Big Data and BIM: Built Environment Education and Information Management”. The conference came about through the faculty’s motivation to focus on BIM (Building Information Modelling) and Big Data, derived from the exponential growth of built environment professions’ access to spatial statistics and […]

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Curso de Posgrado “Estrategias para la implementación de Building Information Modeling” En los últimos años, la disponibilidad y acceso a las innovaciones tecnológicas han producido significativas alteraciones en los usos y costumbres de las personas. Estos cambios han modificado aspectos sensibles de diferentes disciplinas y notablemente han producido incisiones en los tradicionales métodos de producción […]

The Revolution Continues  The Challenges and Benefits of BIM Today—and in the Future By Jessica Porter When building information modeling (BIM) began gaining popularity a decade ago, it was expected to dramatically change the construction industry. In addition to replacing 2-D drawings with 3-D, 4-D and 5-D models, BIM users can determine exactly how each building […]

BIM finally starting to pay off for AEC firms In surveying Giants 300 firms about BIM, we went right for the jugular: Is BIM paying off—through cost savings, higher quality, or client satisfaction? Here’s what they told us. By Robert Cassidy and Tim Gregorski BIM has been paying off for AE firm NELSON. “Once a […]

Phillip G. Bernstein Talks About the Future of Design Autodesk’s vice president of strategic industry relations talks about the future and shares how architects can avoid obsolescence. By Wanda Lau Building information modeling (BIM) has been ingrained into the vocabulary of design firms around the world, but the degree to which it isimplemented varies widely. Its […]

BIM: Who, What; How and Why by Jorge Carmona & Kathleen Irwin @Facilities,net BIM — building information modeling — is a yet another acronym in an industry full of three- and four-letter words. The term might be new, but with the potential to improve efficiencies throughsout the life-cycle of a building, it could quickly become […]

Beyond BIM. BUilding with Perfect Information. by Ray Crotty @ AECbytes64 Viewpoint A drawing is a store of information. The information it contains is made up of arrays of individual lines, each representing a visible edge of the object being drawn. Each line has a point of origin and follows a discrete path for a […]

The National Institute of Building Sciences buildingSMART alliance™ has released the first-ever consensus-based standard governing building information modeling (BIM) for use in the United States. The National BIM Standard-United States™ (NBIMS-US™) Version 2 (V2) covers the full life cycle of buildings—from planning, design and construction to operations and sustainment. Part of an international effort, the NBIMS-US™ V2 will serve […]

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5 Lessons For Using Open Innovation To Maximize The Wisdom Of The Crowd. WRITTEN BY: Pascal Finette Forget the idea of a lone inventor coming up with a genius idea in his garage. The future of innovation is in the crowd, and by using a big group’s best ideas, you can find the best way to […]