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By Bent Flybjerg Download the article What is Phronetic Organization Research? Phronetic organization research is an approach to the study of organizations based on a contemporary interpretation of the classical Greek concept phrone- sis. Following this approach, phronetic organization researchers study organizations and organizing with an emphasis on values and power. In this paper I […]

by Tom Ward. Futurism THE LEAK FINDING ROBOT An MIT research team called PipeGuard has developed a robot capable of finding the smallest leaks in pipes regardless of what they are made of. It can be inserted into the water supply through any fire hydrant, and comes in two models: one which passively floats along […]

BY APRIL GLASER AND RANI MOLLA from RECODE Construction is one of the least-digitized industries in the world, and its productivity is suffering. Dan Kitwood / Getty Construction is a $10 trillion global industry. It’s also mired by waste, severe worker shortages and weak productivity growth — all of which mean the business of building is […]

Link The classic industrial robot is a deaf, dumb and blind arm deployed to carry out repetitive tasks reliably. Now, companies such as Autodesk Inc. are developing peripheral vision systems and software which allows robots to work closely with humans in factories and workshops. (video by Matt Gottschalk, David Nicholson) (Source: Bloomberg)  

Wooden bikes may be beautiful, but they’re also a tad impractical. Nevertheless, there may be unexpected value in wooden bike frames, which architects can use to understand important structural challenges and prototype new designs. That, at least, is the rationale behind bike manufacturer AERO’s latest prototype. Architects Martino Hutz, Atanas Zhelev and Mariya Korolova built this wood-framed bike not […]

When Jonathan Goldman arrived for work in June 2006 at LinkedIn, the business networking site, the place still felt like a start-up. The company had just under 8 million accounts, and the number was growing quickly as existing members invited their friends and colleagues to join. But users weren’t seeking out connections with the people […]

Innovation, Optimism and Jobs Joe Nocera. The Opinion Pages. NYT Is digital technology destroying middle-class jobs? Does it exacerbate income inequality? Does it boost economic growth and productivity — without creating the jobs that ought to come with economic growth? Last month I gave space to a book titled “Who Owns the Future?” by the computer scientist […]

Understanding Technological Hype Cycles BY ROY WOOD The term “hype cycle” has been around since 1995, and I’m sure that just about every GeekDad reader has heard it and even used it dozens of times over the years. It neatly captures the elements of both human psychology and technical evolution that accompany every innovation we’ve seen […]

Embrace BIM, it’s a great tool for sustainable design   BIM is well worth exploring says Elrond Burrell, who explains here how he and his colleagues at Architype have embraced BIM – as a key tool for innovation, collaboration and the rigorous attention to detail needed for sustainable design that really works. “BIM”, variously understood […]

Jeanne Gang, in conversation @Archinet Academia Woodbury School of Architecture This spring visionary architect and 2011 MacArthur Fellow Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang Architects spoke as part of our Spring 2012 lecture series (see full lecture here). Prior to her talk she sat down for an interview withWoodbury School of Architecture graduate student Anali Gharakhani. The two discussed […]