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Zapatos diseñados por Zaha Hadid. The NOVA shoe, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects for shoe brand United Nude, claims to be the first ever shoe to use rotation moulding in its manufacture. The shoe also employs injection moulding and vacuum casting. The footwear features a striated surface resembling geological formations similar to those used in Hadid’s architectural projects […]

I just figure it out. Howard’s speech at his trial isn’t about architecture. He doesn’t mentioned. He could have explained to the jury why he blow it away, describing the changes others have made on his work. But no, he didn’t do that, he defended his idea verbaly. The point here is that the heroic […]

Aalto said in his telegram of 1958; “I think however the enemy number one today is modern formalism–non-traditional–where inhuman elements are dominating. True architecture–the real thing–is only where man stands in centre.” Listening to the client, and thinking about the building users were important to Aalto, not much to Roark, and nor to Rand. Does it […]

Si Dovstoyesky hiciera un MBA y al concluir se encontrara con la revisión histórica de la segunda guerra mundial escrita por el General Fuller este le diría: Como alguien que nunca trabajo para nadie, puede trabajar para alguien? Probablemente Dovstoyesky, recite a manera algún párrafo de “The Idiot” (El idiota) como respuesta. Sucede que el […]

After a little shift towards management, I found myself reading William E. Deming, and an interesting crossing (at least for me) arises. I like to think that every good architecture project is a high quality project, in holistic terms (if correct the use of the word). So, Quality, becomes relevant (as component?) of every architectural […]

Imagine architecture as a big box, capable of hold many thing, and cantaloupes are great ideas, concepts, technical information, etc. all thing related to an architecture project. Trowing all the cantaloupes in the box may result in an inadequate way of storage them, as an architecture project when we trow a whole bunch of ideas […]

Boy, this salad is good. The idea behind matching Williamson, Olstrom, Kurgman and Architecture, appears to be weird, but please follow it up. By opening the black box Williamson started to explain “how to” of many issues. As quoted by Vicente Donato (Universita di Bologna) looking though the glasses of R. Coase, he discovered that […]

Collaboration as is, doesn’t mean much, but It encourages people and teams to share information towards better results and the generation of new knowledge. Was Gropius thinking “Green” into collaboration at The Architect Collaborative (TAC)? If a society collaborates, following rules, it will lead to improve processes. Take for example driving yours kids to school, […]