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by Jose P. Duarte. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA The ultimate goal of this work is the design and production of mass-customized houses. The current focus is on design aspects. The purpose of mass customization is to provide high-quality housing at an affordable cost. Quality is defined as the satisfaction of user needs. Cost is controlled […]

by Krystian Kwiecinski, Filipe Santos, Ana de Almeida, Bruno Taborda, Sara Eloy. This paper will focus on an undergoing research that aims at developing a system that allows hous- ing future inhabitants to participate in the design of their house by using mass-customization design (Kwieciński and Slyk 2014). The proposed system is based on shape grammars […]

Can Boomers Make Cohousing Mainstream? Popular in northern Europe, cohousing is still a fringe option in the U.S. But the number of cohousing communities here is set to climb, thanks to Baby Boomers. CHRIS BENTLEY @Cementley When architects Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett made their first pilgrimage to Denmark in the early 1980s, they were out […]

Gathering data to change occupant behavior is the next frontier in sustainable design. Of all of the things that DPR considered in designing and building a net-zero interior, crushed ice didn’t exactly top the list of potential energy drains. DPR isn’t alone in discovering surprising truths about how energy-efficient buildings perform once people move in. […]

New Tools for Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment Most designers prioritize implementing sustainability strategies that save energy during a building’s use phase, and with good reason.  For conventional, code-compliant buildings, energy consumption during occupancy represents the lion’s share of life cycle impacts. But as energy codes and industry adeptness drive better operational efficiency, there emerges a […]



ARUP’s approach to use desalination technology to increase water resources.

Urban sustainability: what will a smart city look like in the future? By 2050 there will be five billion urbanites, but, with pressure on resources and climate disruption, how will cities cope? New technology and conceptual design will be vital Emma Stewart As buildings typically account for the majority of end-use energy, she may first […]

Como la primer reacción a lo desconocido, seguramente la confrotación esta asegurada. Pero es así? Les dejo unos comentarios de Fred Pearce muy interesantes para enteneder mejor este fenomeno en discusión actualmente. Why Are Environmentalists Taking Anti-Science Positions? On issues ranging from genetically modified crops to nuclear power, environmentalists are increasingly refusing to listen to […]

Home Printing, Literally by JOSHUA FOSS @ So this is pretty much the bees knees! Gone are the days of thinking printers are just for paper. We’re entering an era where printing has added a dimension… we’re talking 3D of course! Rapid product prototyping is becoming a vital tool in many industrial designer’s arsenals now. […]