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Nature vs. Neon


Can sustainable design save money and the environment? By Phillip G. Bernstein Download the article

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Published by: University of California Press on behalf of the Society of Architectural Historians Stable URL: . Download the article

By Arnold Hauser Download the article

By Jhon H. Lorant Download the article

An Architecture for Our Time The New Classicism by Charles Siegel Download the book Today’s avant-gardist architects congratulate themselves on how cutting-edge their buildings are. But in reality, they are not responding to the needs of our time in the way that the early modernists responded to the needs of the last century. Modernist architects […]

On the 1st June 2015, a group of twenty researchers, FM practitioners and construction professionals from the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands and the US gathered at the prestigious Glasgow Riverside Museum for a “FM and BIM – Research and Practice Workshop” as part of ongoing efforts by the EuroFM Practice Network Group (PNG) […]

Research and scholarship are typically framed by conventions, forms, and methods, and often within disciplinary boundaries. However, our increased awareness of the multiplicity of the deep and broad connections between mental, physical and metaphysical constructs leads us to rethink the autonomy and insularity of disciplinary structure. Considering that the formation, naming, development, and institutionalization of […]

by Justin Cotton A sound and reliable way of avoiding disputes for architects is to ensure that key communications are habitually made in writing, rather than being confined to verbal discourse. Many a dispute involving architects could have been avoided if the “paper trail” had been better maintained. This applies to cost forecasts before extra […]

By Architectsforsocialhousing On Thursday, 22 June, 2017, in response to the Grenfell Tower fire the previous week, Architects for Social Housing held an open meeting in the Residents Centre of Cotton Gardens estate in Lambeth. Around 80 people turned up and contributed to the discussion – residents, housing campaigners, journalists, lawyers, academics, engineers and architects. Below […]