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by Barbara Bryson @ Design Intelligence Eric Cesal was frustrated when he graduated from architecture school in the winter of 2008, the year the financial world and architecture world came apart. In his book, Down Detour Road: An Architect in Search of Practice (2010), Eric observed that architects were among the hardest hit and as a new […]

by Dezeen Jobs BIM architect/designer at Zaha Hadid Architects 5 June 2017 BIM architect/designer London, United Kingdom Zaha Hadid Architects is currently looking for BIM architects/designers with an in-depth knowledge of Revit and Dynamo to join our architectural practice in London. Key responsibilities collaborate on a broad range of challenging international projects implement and manage […]

BY BIM+ STAFF Leading VR firm Yulio Technologies has launched a new plugin for SketchUp which is claimed to enable 2D architectural renders to be created as rich and immersive VR experiences in just a few clicks and at a fraction of the cost of anything else available. The tool was developed to enable SketchUp users, […]

by Cheyenne McDonalds Not long before his death, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs envisioned ‘building the best office building in the world.’ And, with elaborate glass canopies, a two-story yoga room, a 4,000 person café with four-story glass doors, and even patented pizza boxes to prevent food from getting soggy, Apple’s highly-anticipated ‘mothership’ headquarters could soon […]

by HOK Structural eXterior Enclosure, an innovative, load-bearing hybrid curtain wall design, has shown in modeling to reduce life-cycle costs of a high-rise office tower by more than 20 percent (compared with traditional frame buildings) and improve overall U-value of the facade by 25 percent. Designed by an interdisciplinary team representing HOK’s expertise in facades, […]

by Mike Wheathely Envelope, a software-as-a-service company for real estate professionals that enables them to visualize and run scenarios on development potential based on zoning, has just secured a $2 million funding round to develop its platform and launch marketing efforts in New York City and beyond. Cre.Tech first reported the news, saying it’s the […]

by Wanda Lau Nine leaders in digital practice and design name the existing tools that firms and individuals—including themselves—should learn this year. Perkins+WillA composite image demonstrating how Perkins+Will is utilizing Microsoft HoloLens to interact with building models in mixed reality. A new year often refreshes the search for the next great thing to upgrade our […]

by Andrew Heaton Architects with high levels of ability in technologies such as BIM, virtual reality and 3D printing are in strong demand, a new report reveals. In its April-June Quarterly Report, recruitment outfit Hays said demand for architects remains healthy across eastern states and is improving in South Australia courtesy of private and government projects, […]

by Avery Trufelman There is an old story of a person arriving at the pearly gates of Heaven and asking St. Peter for an introduction to the greatest general who ever lived. St. Peter points someone out and says, “There he is, the greatest general in the world.” The new arrival is shocked. “No way!” he exclaims, “That’s not the greatest […]

by Randy Deutsch AIA, LEED AP If you expect to become the next Frank Lloyd Wright leave now! Those were the first words I ever heard as a college student. Admitted to the school of architecture, attending orientation with my parents, a senior administrator got up in front and said to a roomful of 200 freshmen […]