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By Architectsforsocialhousing On Thursday, 22 June, 2017, in response to the Grenfell Tower fire the previous week, Architects for Social Housing held an open meeting in the Residents Centre of Cotton Gardens estate in Lambeth. Around 80 people turned up and contributed to the discussion – residents, housing campaigners, journalists, lawyers, academics, engineers and architects. Below […]

BY APRIL GLASER AND RANI MOLLA from RECODE Construction is one of the least-digitized industries in the world, and its productivity is suffering. Dan Kitwood / Getty Construction is a $10 trillion global industry. It’s also mired by waste, severe worker shortages and weak productivity growth — all of which mean the business of building is […]

by Barbara Bryson @ Design Intelligence Eric Cesal was frustrated when he graduated from architecture school in the winter of 2008, the year the financial world and architecture world came apart. In his book, Down Detour Road: An Architect in Search of Practice (2010), Eric observed that architects were among the hardest hit and as a new […]

by Randy Deutsch AIA, LEED AP If you expect to become the next Frank Lloyd Wright leave now! Those were the first words I ever heard as a college student. Admitted to the school of architecture, attending orientation with my parents, a senior administrator got up in front and said to a roomful of 200 freshmen […]

by Douglas Kelbaugh FAIA.    

by Damiano Di Ciaccio One of the main tasks in antifire design is to detect the length of every evacuation path from rooms to emergency exit or filter spaces and verify that the values do not exceed the threshold related to the kind of building. Starting from a prepared BIM model we studied a dynamo script […]

by Maya Dukmasova The Goldberg variation: High-rise public housing that works Bertrand Goldberg’s Hilliard Homes opened as a model community in 1966. It still is today. The first tenants moved into Bertrand Goldberg’s Hilliard Homes 50 years ago this fall. It was July 1966, and Chicago architect Bertrand Goldberg was celebrating his 53rd birthday at the […]

by architectural record In celebration of its 125th anniversary, Architecture Record interviewed sixteen of the most renowned architects in the world and asked them about their thoughts about what architecture will look like 25 years into the future. Certain patterns quickly emerge, such as the central role of technology, accelerating urbanization, the need for constantly […]

The Big Rethink Part 9: Rethinking Architectural Education 28 SEPTEMBER, 2012 BY PETER BUCHANAN Detached from the ferment of epochal change, the groves of academe are failing to engage with current critical realities Apart from pleading for blunt and long overdue critical comment about various architects − some starchitects are nominated repeatedly, you can easily guess who […]

Wonderful widgets. Read the full article here MANUFACTURING revolves around components. These come in all shapes and sizes, but some are starting to look surprisingly different—elegant, even. That transformation is graphically illustrated by the three widgets pictured below. They all perform the same job, but the two on the right have been re-designed by a […]