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Biga data does not mean Big Productivity. Big data is now recognized as an important factor of production, alongside labor and capital. What about productivity? Productivity= Knowledge Management + Big Data Productivity in the AEC industry ought to increase in the near term, when new technologies such as building information modeling (BIM), collaborative work processes […]

It started with a basic question to my student (graduate and postgraduate) about: Q: “having a space of 16 m2 (I will use square meter as unit), equal height, materials and no openning, which one cost more (A) 4.00mx4.00m or (B) 8.00mx2.00m?” Around 95% of the students told me that cost the same. Then I […]

El rol del arquitecto La arquitectura es una disciplina fascinante que combina conocimiento tecnológico, creatividad y talento en el diseño y la construcción; sin embargo, el arquitecto no es la persona que la construye, por lo que el interrogante es cómo comunicar adecuadamente a los constructores las decisiones tomadas -en base a la experiencia de […]

Primer comentario: Mr Paul Teicholz The assumption of using BIM model as “As built” model is incomplete. The nature of today BIM model is abstract or IDEAL, are created to support design and the construction in REAL. An “as built’ model or REAL model, must include higher resolution information from the construction process. constructability and […]