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El que quiera puede relacionarlo con las recientes sucesos de la Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, en relación a a la recolección de residuos. How Living in Paraguay Taught Me to Get Creative With My Trash I’d spent my life thoughtlessly throwing trash in a garbage can, knowing trash services came to my house regularly […]

Top architects lack principles, says Will Self Novelist Will Self launched an outspoken attack on architects who ignore ethics in the pursuit of their careers. His comments came in an interview with BD following his recent outburst at a literature festival when he said architects who had worked on the Olympic “obscenity” should retrain as […]



A Cruel and Unusual Record By JIMMY CARTER. THE United States is abandoning its role as the global champion of human rights. Revelations that top officials are targeting people to be assassinated abroad, including American citizens, are only the most recent, disturbing proof of how far our nation’s violation of human rights has extended. This development […]

Mumford on Modern Art in the 1930’s Leger and the machine. p-172 …What remains? What remains in Léger’s painting is his honest architec- tural intention. He has sought to give a painting the strength and imper- sonality of a good communal expression like a building, and if in the end this gives little to the […]

TROUBLES IN THEORY PART ONE: THE STATE OF THE ART 1945-2000 21 September 2011 | By Anthony Vilder Architectural theory has taken many forms since Vitruvius attempted to bring together in 10 scrolls ‘all the principles of the discipline’, with the conviction that ‘an architect should know writing [litteras]’ both to ‘secure a more lasting remembrance through […]

A casi 10 años del artículo escrito por Paul Goldberger, los temas que desarrolla, siguen siendo tan interesantes como entonces. Creo haber madurado un poco, y ahora lo puedo leer desde una perspectiva distinta. Me moviliza, me interesa y me invita a seguir buscando todos los “porque” que sean necesarios. Con respeto lo comparto, para […]

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5 Lessons For Using Open Innovation To Maximize The Wisdom Of The Crowd. WRITTEN BY: Pascal Finette Forget the idea of a lone inventor coming up with a genius idea in his garage. The future of innovation is in the crowd, and by using a big group’s best ideas, you can find the best way to […]

Calling All Guerrilla Designers: The Venice Architecture Biennale Wants You by Cord Jefferson @ GOOD DESIGN We’ve told you before about the many ways modern designers have begun to buck societal restrictions. There’s graffiti and street art, of course, but what about DIY bike lanes (pictured above) to make cities safer for cyclists? Or guerrilla furniture built for weary-footed commuters? […]

“Hug The Monster’: Why So Many Climate Scientists Have Stopped Downplaying the Climate Threat” By Joe Romm. May 7, 2012 Climate scientists have been consistently downplaying and underestimating the risks for three main reasons. First, their models tended to ignore the  myriad amplifying carbon cycle feedbacks that we now know are kicking in (such as […]

Swedish Environmental Technology Council Buildings with low energy consumption The building is a part of the project Valle Broar, which aims to support wood-building technology and create the modern wooden city in Växjö. Limnologen is the first high building in Sweden whose construction is based on wood and has been conducted and evaluated in close […]