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by Rodrigo Garcia Alvarado Download the article La fabricación digital de modelos constructivos permite estudiar las condiciones materiales de los proyectos y la industrialización de sus componentes. Elaborando elementos soportantes o paramentos, para revisar su sus aspectos técnicos y estéticos (Stacey, 2004; Gramazio y Kohler, 2008). Utilizando tecnologías que están siendo crecientemente integradas en la […]

Download article Overlapping Design and Construction The Bilbao Guggenheim had to be completed in five years, although IDOM’s experience suggested that at least seven were needed. At the suggestion of Frank Gehry’s office to use a fast track system, IDOM’s initial rough schedule dedicated 1993 to developing the project to a point where construction could […]

A Paradigm Shift In Construction Thinking & Delivering to The New Government Construction Strategy. Download the article Executive Summary This project explores the new government framework for public sector construction project delivery and reviews the historic literature leading up to the drafting of the construction strategy moving in to 2013. Upon review of the literature […]

Solution selection in digital construction design – a lazy user theory perspective. Christoph Merschbrocka*, Tor Tollnesa, Christian Nordahl-RolfsenaOslo and Akershus University College, P.O. Box 4, St. Olavs plass, NO-0130 Oslo, Norway Download the article  

Rethinking productivity across the construction industry: The challenge of change Download the report Rethinking productivity across the construction industry: The challenge of change is an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report, sponsored by Autodesk. In this study, the EIU provides its perspective on the causes of the current productivity gap in the global construction industry and […]

By Alejandro Moreira En este período de descreimiento de los medios de comunicación, se puede argumentar fuertemente, respecto de lo que se lee. No obstante me arriesgo a proponer la siguiente lectura y comparación para que esto contribuya en la construcción de nuevo conocimiento. En el año 2000, la prestigiosa revista “The Economist” publicaba un […]

by Tom Sawyer After five years of PhD research and two years of software development, a start-up enterprise that applies parallel computing and artificial intelligence to construction planning and scheduling is ready to go to work. The software is named Alice, which stands for “artificial intelligence construction engineering.” It comes from ALICE Technologies Inc., Stanford, […]

by The Construction Index A Soluis Group-led consortium has secured £1m of funding from Innovate UK to develop an augmented worker system (AWE) for construction. The goal is to develop a system that use high-tech goggles, in tandem with building information modelling (BIM), to reduce costs and waste by 25% and increase productivity by 30%. […]

by Mary Tyler March The construction industry may be slow to change, but technology’s influence on and off the job site is unmistakable. One company fueling that trend is Berkeley, CA–based 3D Robotics (3DR), a commercial drone software developer focusing on single-layer data collection and analysis. Founded in 2009 by former Wired Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson, the company […]

by Tom Ward. Futurism THE LEAK FINDING ROBOT An MIT research team called PipeGuard has developed a robot capable of finding the smallest leaks in pipes regardless of what they are made of. It can be inserted into the water supply through any fire hydrant, and comes in two models: one which passively floats along […]