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BY DENISE CHEVIN Russell Lloyd, head of cost management of consultant Rider Levett Bucknall and member of its global BIM committee, describes how BIM can help quantity surveyors, but it won’t be replacing them any time soon. RLB is global consultant – do you have a global BIM strategy? We have 120 offices around the […]

The industry needs to change; here’s how to manage it. by RAJAT AGARWA, SHANKAR CHANDRASEKARAN, MUKUND SRIDHAR About 80 per cent of all construction work is still done on-site, but project developers and contractors are deploying new approaches that show promise, such as pre-assembly and robot-assembled construction. ALTHOUGH the construction industry suffers from sluggish productivity growth and relatively […]

BY APRIL GLASER AND RANI MOLLA from RECODE Construction is one of the least-digitized industries in the world, and its productivity is suffering. Dan Kitwood / Getty Construction is a $10 trillion global industry. It’s also mired by waste, severe worker shortages and weak productivity growth — all of which mean the business of building is […]

by advenser | Origins of Lean Principles The lean principle, in simple terms, is all about reducing non-value-adding activities and materials (Waste) in a process. The origins of the lean concept can be traced back to the Japanese automobile industry called Toyota. It was an evolved mass production process in which an extreme emphasis was […]

by CMiC Why Construction Companies Are Really Accounting Companies If project management is the heart of the construction firm, then financials is the oil that keeps operations running smoothly. That’s why even small financial software issues have far-reaching effects and can easily throw a wrench into job site productivity. As CMiC client John Jacobs of […]

by CAO Dongping, LI Heng, WANG Guangbin Abstract:Drawing on resource dependence theory, this paper develops and empirically tests a model for understanding how the implementation of building information modeling (BIM) in construction projects impacts the performance of different project participating organizations through improving their interorganizational collaboration capabilities. Based on two sets of survey data collected from […]


BY GAURANG TRIVEDI TECHNOLOGY   Is a BIM-ready construction sector ready to embrace augmented reality (AR) as a standard practice? Will it tightly integrate the design and construction phases for improved communication, quality and efficiency across the building design and development, or is it still an add-on to core working practices? Gaurang Trivedi investigates. The […]

by Alfred Huang Implementing Virtual Design & Construction using BIM – Current & Future Practice

by BIMToday Tekla Structures can allow a steel and concrete structure to be formed within the same 3D model, reducing costs and improving efficiencies Tekla Structures from Trimble allows a steel and concrete structure to be formed within the same 3D model, which significantly reduces the amount of re-work and time spent in the drawing office, as […]