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Phillip Bernstein I was a practicing architect for about 20 years, spending most of my career at Cesar Pelli’s office in New Haven, where I was the guy who was really interested in the process stuff: how do we get things done? So I focused my career in working on big, complicated projects. At the […]

by Kimon Onuma @ BIMStorm Within our lifetime, we have seen amazing advancements in technology that dramatically change how we work and live. Much of this has even occurred within the last 5 to 10 years. One of the most exciting aspects of this trend is when radical, new, disruptive approaches are invented to tackle […]

by Avery Trufelman There is an old story of a person arriving at the pearly gates of Heaven and asking St. Peter for an introduction to the greatest general who ever lived. St. Peter points someone out and says, “There he is, the greatest general in the world.” The new arrival is shocked. “No way!” he exclaims, “That’s not the greatest […]

by Mark Chussil  “Huntington Hartford, who inherited a fortune from the A. & P. grocery business and lost most of it chas­ing his dreams as an entrepreneur, arts patron, and man of leisure, died Monday at his home in Lyford Cay in the Bahamas,” reported The New York Times in 2008. “He inherited an estimated […]

Timber Tower Research Project INITIAL RESEARCH REPORT The goal of the Timber Tower Research Project was to develop a structural system for tall buildings that uses mass timber as the main structural material and minimizes the embodied carbon footprint of the building. The research was applied to a prototypical building based on an existing concrete […]

by Kirsten Osolind HERE’S OUR RESPONSE….. EVOLUTION (the definition of the word by way of is defined as gradual change, adaptation, progression, metamorphosis. REVOLUTION is defined as forcible overthrow for an entirely new system…drastic, disruptive, far-reaching, momentous change. So let’s apply these definitions to the concept of innovation. BOTH evolutionary innovation and revolutionary innovation need to focus […]

Lauren Weinstein The notion that the work of social change necessarily means both scrambling to find funding and endless employee self-sacrifice has never made sense to me. While working at a handful of startups and nonprofits over the past decade, I’ve continually wondered why solving the world’s toughest social challenges remains financially undervalued and tireless […]

Revista Diagonal Durante los últimos años, desde la publicación del número 23 de Diagonal, “La luz es el tema” ha servido de lugar de reflexión sobre la luz en la arquitectura por medio de entrevistas, artículos y resúmenes de tesis doctorales. De acuerdo con el objetivo marcado inicialmente, las aproximaciones y los enfoques que se han […]

Collective Genius Danger From Within Deciding How to Decide Harvard-Business-Review_How-To-Give-a-Killer-Presentation

“We know that we live in contradiction” Albert Camus wrote in his magnificent meditation on strength of character, “but we also know that we must refuse this contradiction and do what is needed to reduce it.” One of the most pervasive and perennial contradictions pulling the human spirit asunder is our yearning for greatness, which coexists with our chronic […]