Posts Tagged ‘Creativity’ Any organization or business that pioneers a new idea or industry is going to face unique challenges. For Ryot–a media company that prides itself on expanding beyond the who, what, where, and why–the challenge is to simply and effectively communicate who they are and what they do. Once they’ve accomplished that, they can continue […]

by Tina Seelig Read the full article here “Imagination is envisioning things that don’t exist,” says Seelig. “Creativity is applying imagination to address a challenge. Innovation is applying creativity to generate unique solutions. And entrepreneurship is applying innovations, scaling the ideas, by inspiring others’ imagination.” Once you understand this framework, you can put it into action, […]

“Was ist Metaphysik?” (title borrowed from a philosophical work of Martin Heidegger, 1929) is storytelling through the architectural detail. Every visual signification not only into what is meant to represent, but also from the perspective which frames and contains. Is possible that an object may be superfluous represent him the totality when a detail can […]

Wooden bikes may be beautiful, but they’re also a tad impractical. Nevertheless, there may be unexpected value in wooden bike frames, which architects can use to understand important structural challenges and prototype new designs. That, at least, is the rationale behind bike manufacturer AERO’s latest prototype. Architects Martino Hutz, Atanas Zhelev and Mariya Korolova built this wood-framed bike not […]

Architects think about materials a lot—as much as they think about budgets, plans, programs, and sites. But there’s another way to think about materials, as in the raw materials of a neighborhood or a community: the people and their sense of place, their pride in what they do and where they live, and the means […]

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In 1986, STEVE Jobs was a guy trying to launch a start-up. Having been ousted from Apple the year before, he and a small band of employees were in the early stages of building a new computer company called Next. Jobs had invested millions in the venture, and his reputation as a visionary business leader was […]

Radical Collaboration Students come to the with an intense curiosity, a deep affinity for other people, and the desire to gain an understanding beyond their own experience. They come from every school on campus, and beyond. Instead of working on different pieces of the same project, they navigate each step in the innovation process […]

THE FIRST ATTEMPTED EXAMINATIONS of the connection between genius and insanity were largely anecdotal. In his 1891 book, The Man of Genius, Cesare Lombroso, an Italian physician, provided a gossipy and expansive account of traits associated with genius—left-handedness, celibacy, stammering, precocity, and, of course, neurosis and psychosis—and he linked them to many creative individuals, including […]

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