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by Rodrigo Garcia Alvarado Download the article La fabricación digital de modelos constructivos permite estudiar las condiciones materiales de los proyectos y la industrialización de sus componentes. Elaborando elementos soportantes o paramentos, para revisar su sus aspectos técnicos y estéticos (Stacey, 2004; Gramazio y Kohler, 2008). Utilizando tecnologías que están siendo crecientemente integradas en la […]

By Bent Flybjerg Download the article What is Phronetic Organization Research? Phronetic organization research is an approach to the study of organizations based on a contemporary interpretation of the classical Greek concept phrone- sis. Following this approach, phronetic organization researchers study organizations and organizing with an emphasis on values and power. In this paper I […]

Read the full article here Are today’s new digital technologies destroying or creating jobs? I absolutely believe in the near to medium term there is going to be net job creation, as there always has been. Think of all the Uber jobs. The opportunity is not yet fully tapped to, in a sense, distribute [over […]

Material Synthesis: Fusing the Physical and the Computational. Guest-edited by Achim Menges. A new understanding of the material in architecture is fast emerging. Designers are no longer conceiving of the digital realm as separate from the physical world. Instead computation is being regarded as the key interface for material exploration and vice versa. This represents […]

Wonderful widgets. Read the full article here MANUFACTURING revolves around components. These come in all shapes and sizes, but some are starting to look surprisingly different—elegant, even. That transformation is graphically illustrated by the three widgets pictured below. They all perform the same job, but the two on the right have been re-designed by a […]

Technology is evolving rapidly, and one of the next steps in this evolution is wearable technology.  Today, wearable technology is just starting to fight its way into the main stream with products like the iWatch and Google Glass, but has the potential to do so much more in the future.  Everyone can benefit from the […]

PRESERVATION Project Soane Launches Virtually Worldwide The crowdsourced effort to reconstruct Sir John Soane’s Bank of England using BIM will run through December. By GIDEON FINK SHAPIRO Joseph Michael Gandy courtesy the Trustees of Sir John Soane’s MuseumAerial cutaway view of from the southeast, drawn in 1830 When the majority of the Bank of England building, […]