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Walter Gropius (ed.), Internationale Architektur, Munich: Albert Langen, 1925 Paul Klee, Pädagogisches Skizzenbuch, Munich: Albert Langen, 1925, 50 pp. Die Bühne am Bauhaus, Munich: Albert Langen, 1925. Walter Gropius (ed.), Neue Arbeiten der Bauhauswerkstäffen, Munich: Albert Langen, 1925. Walter Gropius, Bauhausbauten Dessau, Munich: Albert Langen, 1930 And here are some key Bauhaus journals: bauhaus 1 (1926). 5 pages, 42 cm. Download (23 […]

Creative resolution. After two years, Coughran had to admit that Build from Scratch was not stable enough for Google’s needs, and Big Table couldn’t handle the growing array of Google apps, including YouTube. However, he believed that the Big Table approach was more viable in the short term. His conclusion was a tough call. “It was easy to make […]

Este es el cambio fundamental que genera el nuevo giro de la definición del hombre: el hombre es una voluntad servida por una inteligencia. La voluntad es el poder racional que hay que arrancar de las peleas de los ideistas y de los cosistas. En este sentido, es necesario precisar la igualdad cartesiana del cogito. […]

Taking apart the idea of school as we know it and getting back to the roots of children and learning is a pervasive thought which I am constantly researching and evaluating. There is no shortage of pedagogies out there but there seems to be a lack of application of relevant methodologies for out of the box […]

Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group permiten ver online una serie de libros de manera gratuita. Future Practice Conversations from the Edge of Architecture By Rory Hyde Published October 8th 2012 by Routledge Architectural Theories of the Environment Posthuman Territory Edited by Ariane Lourie Harrison Published December 2nd 2012 by Routledge Co-Designers Cultures of Computer Simulation in Architecture By Yanni Loukissas Published May […]

Se terminaron las escusas para no estudiar. COURSERA EDX MIT STANFORD OPEN UNIVERSITY IVERSITY

This fall, for the first time ever, graduate students studying historic preservation at the University of Southern California won’t actually get a degree in preservation. Reflecting the global awareness and diversity of the student body, as well as the broad nature of the preservation field, USC will instead award a Master of Heritage Conservation degree. […]

Reinventing Higher Education The overriding aim of the conference, which was organized last year in collaboration with the Chronicle of Higher Education, is to bring together university administrators, policy makers, entrepreneurs, academics, student representatives and media experts to discuss the current status and future evolution of Higher Education (HE), and to debate the direction in […]

Benjamin Latrobe dijo: “como puede uno ganarse la vida en una profesión que venera la estética, lo intelectual y las habilidades de diseño, pero sobrevive a través de la atención a los buenos negocios, a las buenas prácticas empresariales, los contactos políticos y el cultivo de clientes” English version here Mary N. Woods (1999). From […]

Bad Data That Leads to the Wrong Answer Student evaluations are a poor indicator of professor performance. The good news is that college students often reward instructors who teach well. The bad news is that students often conflate good instruction with pleasant ambience and low expectations. As a result they also reward instructors who grade […]