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From The Economist AN OIL refinery is an industrial cathedral, a place of power, drama and dark recesses: ornate cracking towers its gothic pinnacles, flaring gas its stained glass, the stench of hydrocarbons its heady incense. Data centres, in contrast, offer a less obvious spectacle: windowless grey buildings that boast no height or ornament, they […]

JOSEPH SCHUMPETER. The Economist Capitalism begins at home JOSEPH SCHUMPETER argued that the miracle of capitalism lies in democratising wealth. Elizabeth I owned silk stockings, he observed, but the “capitalist achievement” does not lie in “providing more silk stockings for queens but in bringing them within reach of factory girls.” In most areas of life […]

An explosion of start-ups is changing finance for the better. @ The Economist A wave of financial-technology (or “fin-tech”) firms, many of them just a few years old, are changing the ways in which people borrow and save, pay for things, buy foreign exchange and send money. In doing so they are finding and mining […]

Dignifying Design. By JOHN CARY and COURTNEY E. MARTIN Sunday Review. The New York Times. Opinion Building the hospital under the auspices of the nonprofit MASS Design Group (MASS stands for a Model of Architecture Serving Society), Mr. Murphy, Mr. Ricks and Ms. Shioiri-Clark relied on Dr. Farmer’s theory of a “preferential option for the poor.” The idea […]

Architects are often worried about organization limiting their art potential, but they souldn’t think that way. How to Master the Art of Productivity by Dan Schawbel @ BROOKINGS When you were at Fidelity, how did you balance your time? When I was president of Fidelity, I made a point of getting home almost every night […]

RIP, desktop PC? Tablets penetrate U.S. market faster than electricity This new generation of tablet-lovers is shopping, tweeting, “pinning,” browsing the news, and consuming more e-books than desktop users. Tablet growth could also lead to a shift in online education. After noticing that its students were studying on their iPads, put together this neat infographic that charts […]

Forces to reckon with in an evolving landscape of change by Kishani de Silva @designintelligence Forces to reckon with in an evolving landscape of change August 31, 2012 · by Kishani de Silva Volatile markets, fluctuating indices, an industry hard hit. It is the inevitable zeitgeist; a stress and strain factor on both existing firms and new […]

  Can Paul Rudolph’s Architecturally Vital Orange County Government Center Be Saved? by Paul Goldberger Let’s start with an obvious truth: Paul Rudolph is not an easy architect. He never was. His assertive modernist buildings of concrete and glass are not what anyone would call user-friendly. They can be harsh, and tough, and it is not […]

Why Nonexperts Are Better at Disruptive Innovation Best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours to become expert at something, whether it’s playing the guitar, charting the stars, or writing software code. In his landmark book Outliers: The Story of Success, Gladwell looks at why certain people are successful and postulates that, among other things, […]

Architects of our own future A RECENT report by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has revealed that our industry is in danger of becoming a profession only accessible to the wealthiest of students. With increasing student fees and the poor economic climate, students from lower income backgrounds are becoming increasingly deterred. The report, […]