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BY PATRICK SISSON A new symposium seeks to bolster the case that a San Diego architect foreshadowed Modernist design Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Gropius…. and Gill? A new symposium taking place in San Diego on October 20th, “Irving J. Gill and the Chicago School,” presents new scholarship connecting American architect Irving Gill’s experience in Chicago […]

Extraído del diario History of the Present Nº 4 (Primavera de 1988), 1-2,11-13. Entrevistador: Michael Bess Traducción: Francisco Larrabe * ENTREVISTA a Michel Foucault Hace un momento usted me contaba que es moralista… En cierto sentido lo soy, en la medida en que creo que uno de los propósitos, uno de los sentidos de la existencia humana – la […]

El martes 4 de octubre a las 18.00 el Ing. Nicolás Ruggiero (UNR) y el Mg. Arq. Alejandro Moreira (UNL) dictarán una conferencia abierta bajo el título “BIM en Arquitectura. La posibilidad de construir antes de construir”. La actividad es organizada en el marco del Curso de Posgrado “Estrategias para la implementación de Building Information Modeling” y tiene como […]

by JUDAH POLLACK AND OLIVIA FOX CABANE This is the fascinating way that your brain makes space to build new and stronger connections so you can learn more. There’s an old saying in neuroscience: neurons that fire together wire together. This means the more you run a neuro-circuit in your brain, the stronger that circuit becomes. […]

Pragmatic Imagination is a small book that presents a valuable resource for navigating our broadly connected, rapidly changing, and radically contingent world. It begins from an assumption that agency in the world today requires a productive entanglement of imagination and action. It then presents a framework for unpacking the imagination as a wide range of mental […]

Mind’s Eye: Architecture October 19 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum This month, we invite visitors who are blind or who have low vision to join us for a tour around the unique architecture of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Hilla Rebay, art advisor to Solomon R. Guggenheim, invited Frank Lloyd Wright to design “a temple of […]

by Jonathan Salk Jonathan Salk speaks at the DFC Technology and Innovation Summit in 2015 Updated 9/23 I would like to start with a disclaimer. These are my personal reflections on the relationship between Jonas Salk and Lou Kahn, but understand that during the time of their collaboration on the building I was 11 or […]

By PETER ZELLNER In an interview by art critic Christopher Knight at John Baldessari’s studio in Santa Monica, the seminal Los Angeles artist had much to say about the state of art education in L.A. in the early 1970s and his efforts at the then-nascent CalArts program. At the time, the dominant pedagogical model in most art academies, as […]

  by Katie Fehrenbacher Software will be crucial to lower the cost of solar energy. Like most sectors, the solar industry is rapidly embracing ways to analyze and crunch data in order to lower the cost of solar energy and to open up new markets for their technology. The rise of data tools—algorithms, machine learning, sensors—are […]

Excelente propuesta del concejal Martín Arjol de Posadas. “Los vecinos son los principales interesados en que una obra se lleve a cabo de manera correcta y en los plazos establecidos. Esto permitirá un control fehaciente, al mismo tiempo que se promoverán los espacios de participación y empoderamiento para todos los ciudadanos”.