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Developing a Decision Profile As you ponder which tools are appropriate for a given context, you need to ask yourself two funda- mental questions: Do I know what it will take to succeed? You need to know whether you have a causal model— that is, a strong understanding of what critical success factors and economic […]

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Embrace BIM, it’s a great tool for sustainable design   BIM is well worth exploring says Elrond Burrell, who explains here how he and his colleagues at Architype have embraced BIM – as a key tool for innovation, collaboration and the rigorous attention to detail needed for sustainable design that really works. “BIM”, variously understood […]

How Remix Culture Fuels Creativity & Invention: Kirby Ferguson at TED By: Maria Popova   From Bob Dylan to Steve Jobs, or how copyright law came to hinder the very thing it set out to protect. Remix culture is something I think about a great deal in the context ofcombinatorial creativity, and no one has done more […]

BIM: Who, What; How and Why by Jorge Carmona & Kathleen Irwin @Facilities,net BIM — building information modeling — is a yet another acronym in an industry full of three- and four-letter words. The term might be new, but with the potential to improve efficiencies throughsout the life-cycle of a building, it could quickly become […]

Using Technolgoy as Learning <Tool. Not just the Cool New Thing Growing Up with Technology In kindergarten, I was introduced to the Apple II computer. We were herded into the library and seated in front of a big-screen television. There, the librarian demonstrated the computer and its uses. She even showed us a game: The […]

Project LOD 400 Cross Trade BIM Modeling And Coordination Louisiana State Museum And Sports Hall Of Fame As part of a project BIM requirement the CM, VCC USA, was tasked with providing model-based trades coordination for the new Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame, a new $12 million, 28,000 square foot building designed by […]

I just read in Phil Bernstein’s blog his last post, which is about the End of Construction Drawings. If you read an earlier post on my blog about a exchange of thought that I have whit Paul Teicholz, you can figure it out that almost 4 years later, the topic is gaining momentun and we […]

La digitalización de la sociedad en conjunto con las crisis económicas y financieras28, entre otras circunstancias de la realidad, naturalmente alcanzan la arquitectura, sería incorrecto suponer lo contrario. Este nuevo escenario cultural, como un ecosistema informático, establece un sistema complejo que evoluciona con el tiempo29; desde los comienzos de “The Well” en 1985 generando otras […]

WHITE PAPER ON SUSTAINABILITY Building Design & Construction. 11 • 03. What is green building? The Office of the Federal Environmental Executive defines green building as “the practice of 1) increasing the efficiency with which buildings and their sites use energy, water, and materials, and 2) reducing building impacts on human health and the […]