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by Avery Trufelman There is an old story of a person arriving at the pearly gates of Heaven and asking St. Peter for an introduction to the greatest general who ever lived. St. Peter points someone out and says, “There he is, the greatest general in the world.” The new arrival is shocked. “No way!” he exclaims, “That’s not the greatest […]

by Mark Chussil  “Huntington Hartford, who inherited a fortune from the A. & P. grocery business and lost most of it chas­ing his dreams as an entrepreneur, arts patron, and man of leisure, died Monday at his home in Lyford Cay in the Bahamas,” reported The New York Times in 2008. “He inherited an estimated […]

by Rod Collins, Director of Innovation at Optimity Advisors A Profound Architectural Shift What has come to be known as digital transformation is a profound architectural shift in the way that the world works from top-down hierarchies to peer-to-peer networks. For over three centuries, the dominant metaphor that shaped the mindset of Industrial Age thinking was the machine. This […]

Data governance



by Christoph Knoess, Ron Harbour, Steve Scemama   The internet has dramatically changed the way companies operate. Massive data storage capacity, super-fast data transmission and mobility devices—along with slick application program interfaces—have left companies scrambling to adapt. As workforces hollow out, the remaining employees will be highly specialized and experienced business/technology hybrids—a new breed of professional who can work in […]

by Christophe Van Gerrewey Anyone Corporation The widespread conviction that architecture has no social role worth speaking of is illustrated in a curious document from the heyday of late 20th-century Dutch architecture culture – a culture that has been crucial in the formation of Aureli and Tattara, who were students and educators at the Berlage Institute in […]

by Durward K. Sobek II, Allen C. Ward and Jeffrey K. Liker Toyota Motor Corporation is an industry leader in product development lead time while using fewer engineers than its U.S. competitors. It has also shown remarkable consistency in market share growth and profit per vehicle, which led to cash reserves of $21 billion, exceeding those […]

by Pete Baxter Advanced technologies such as robotics, 3D printing, artificial intelligence and generative design are changing the way things are designed and made. But does this mean “the machines” are on the brink of taking over? In a word, no. Machines are going to complement what we do and will liberate workers from repetitive or […]

by Maya Dukmasova The Goldberg variation: High-rise public housing that works Bertrand Goldberg’s Hilliard Homes opened as a model community in 1966. It still is today. The first tenants moved into Bertrand Goldberg’s Hilliard Homes 50 years ago this fall. It was July 1966, and Chicago architect Bertrand Goldberg was celebrating his 53rd birthday at the […]