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Emmanuel Petit, September 2013. @ Anyone Corporation While generalizations are reductive by definition, it is nevertheless important to identify trends: one of the more noticeable trends in recent architecture is the turn from metaphysics to immanence. Whereas postmodern architects thought of buildings and cities as fragments of an expansive texture or fabric, contemporary spaces are mostly […]

Karl Marx thought that the evils of the industrial age could be cured by changing the ownership of the “means of production.”  John Ruskin thought it best to eliminate all mechanical technologies, starting with print.  Lewis Mumford thought that the sins of mechanization would be redeemed by electricity, and Marshall McLuhan that (analog) electronic communications […]

Architecture in the Age of Printing  Mario Carpo translated by Sarah Benson The MIT Press Cambridge, Massachusetts London, England Architectural design was one of many disciplines whose history was di- rectly and permanently affected by printed images. From the beginning of the early modern period, the diffusion of architectural patterns and motifs has been determined […]

Digital Darwinism: Mass Collaboration, Form-Finding, and the Dissolution of Authorship Mario Carpo design; he just makes and feels, and finds form by trial and intuition. Likewise, some current theories of “design by making” — always popular among architects, and particularly among architectural educators, but today enhanced, promoted, and almost vindicated by the power of digital […]

“Brunelleschi managed to build the dome precisely because he could get rid of an old system and impose a new one. His legendary struggle against many personal and institutional foes is vividly recounted by his Florentine biographers, Manetti and Vasari. The decision-making process at all stages in the construction of the dome, which is well […]

by Van Alen Institute published @ VIMEO His book compares digital craftsmanship to traditional hand-making, and to the cultures and technologies of variations that existed before the coming of machine-made copies. Carpo suggests a new agenda for architecture in an age of variable media, generic objects, and participatory authorship.

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“Digital Neofeudalism:”* Notes on Mario Carpo’s The Alphabet and the Algorithm AMIR DJALALI ⋅ SEPTEMBER 1, 2011 The introduction of digital technologies in the mid-nineties was experienced in architecture in a rather peculiar way. While almost every architect adopted computers as the main platforms for their work, the term ‘digital architecture’ still refers almost exclusively to an architecture […]

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Mario Carpo February 2012 Excerpt from Log 23, Fall 2011From the early modern, humanistic invention of architecture as an art of design, architects have often fought to increase their control over the making of form, and it stands to reason that many architects today may not be willing to relinquish their hard-won authorial privileges. One […]

Published at Berfrois. Intellectual Jousting in the Republic of Letters Authoring in the Digital Age