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This document presents a roadmap for building information modeling (BIM) for the masonry industry. The roadmap results from an intensive nine-month effort by leading associations within the masonry industry and including the input of stakeholders: material suppliers, architects, engineers, and contractors. The Digital Building Laboratory (DBL) at the Georgia Institute of Technology prepared the roadmap. […]

Euclideon’s hologram table: early installations are likely to be used primarily at a municipal level for town planning and area response purposes (Credit: Euclideon) by  Loz Blain Australian company Euclideon has built a working prototype of what it calls the world’s first true multi-user hologram table. Up to four people can walk around a holographic image […]

by Clark Ellis These three keys to changing a company for the better are within every builder’s reach. Business innovation isn’t rocket science—it’s really just a creative new way of thinking about how to accomplish a goal. But truly innovative home builders are nearly as rare as people who have walked on the moon. Builders […]

by Indeed Thanks to advances in automation, robots can vacuum your floors, restock your fridge and even steal your job. Well, perhaps. As robotics, software and artificial intelligence have grown more sophisticated, so experts have been grappling with how it might affect the workforce. A 2013 Oxford University study found that 47% of U.S. jobs […]

by BOSS Magazine The digitization of the construction industry continues to rise, and 250 million smart wearable devices are predicted to be in use by 2018. The construction industry has always been aware of wearable technology’s potential to increase productivity and safety. However, implementing wearable technology in the workplace has proved itself a challenge for […]

by Aaron Lapsley If we polled leaders from the architecture and engineering industry about the biggest effects that information technology has had on their firms over the last decade (software, data, cloud, etc.), their answers would likely cluster around the major changes such technologies drove for the design process and business model of building design. But […]

by Construction Manager Although construction companies are surveying using drones, many are still seeking guidance on how drones help improve their business processes. These were the results of Sky Revolutions’ Drone Effectiveness study which was recently completed to get a better understanding of what the construction sector thinks of commercial drone services. Sky’s director, Ben […]

by CAO Dongping, LI Heng, WANG Guangbin Abstract:Drawing on resource dependence theory, this paper develops and empirically tests a model for understanding how the implementation of building information modeling (BIM) in construction projects impacts the performance of different project participating organizations through improving their interorganizational collaboration capabilities. Based on two sets of survey data collected from […]

by Wanda Lau Nine leaders in digital practice and design name the existing tools that firms and individuals—including themselves—should learn this year. Perkins+WillA composite image demonstrating how Perkins+Will is utilizing Microsoft HoloLens to interact with building models in mixed reality. A new year often refreshes the search for the next great thing to upgrade our […]