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Link The classic industrial robot is a deaf, dumb and blind arm deployed to carry out repetitive tasks reliably. Now, companies such as Autodesk Inc. are developing peripheral vision systems and software which allows robots to work closely with humans in factories and workshops. (video by Matt Gottschalk, David Nicholson) (Source: Bloomberg)  

by Christoph Knoess, Ron Harbour, Steve Scemama   The internet has dramatically changed the way companies operate. Massive data storage capacity, super-fast data transmission and mobility devices—along with slick application program interfaces—have left companies scrambling to adapt. As workforces hollow out, the remaining employees will be highly specialized and experienced business/technology hybrids—a new breed of professional who can work in […]

BY LARS CHRISTIAN FREDENLUND The fourth industrial revolution is upon us. With the flashy phrase “Industry 4.0” gaining popularity over the web, coBuilder’s Lars Christian Fredenlund explains the origins of the concept and how it will reshape (construction) manufacturing as we know it.  Industry 4.0 is defined as the process of digitisation of all physical […]

by Jose P. Duarte. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA The ultimate goal of this work is the design and production of mass-customized houses. The current focus is on design aspects. The purpose of mass customization is to provide high-quality housing at an affordable cost. Quality is defined as the satisfaction of user needs. Cost is controlled […]

by Krystian Kwiecinski, Filipe Santos, Ana de Almeida, Bruno Taborda, Sara Eloy. This paper will focus on an undergoing research that aims at developing a system that allows hous- ing future inhabitants to participate in the design of their house by using mass-customization design (Kwieciński and Slyk 2014). The proposed system is based on shape grammars […]

by Kimberlly Holland Entrepreneurship in Chile Is Exploding With Products Designed for Impact When picturing hotbeds of entrepreneurship and innovation, the usuals come to mind: Silicon Valley, New York, Stockholm. But Santiago, Chile? Probably not—but not for long. Chile is a Latin American country prized for its exports of minerals and metals (copper) and agricultural […]

by Timothy Schuler Collaboration is an obvious antidote for inefficiencies in the construction industry, but it’s not an easy solution. Why? Because collaboration can get messy, especially when large building projects require dozens of independent companies—and numerous stakeholders with strong opinions—working together. But better collaboration is a must. In 2004, the National Institute Standards and Technology […]

by Pete Baxter Advanced technologies such as robotics, 3D printing, artificial intelligence and generative design are changing the way things are designed and made. But does this mean “the machines” are on the brink of taking over? In a word, no. Machines are going to complement what we do and will liberate workers from repetitive or […]

By Steven Max Patterson Mobile VR is set to explode when Google releases Daydream. In a few years, billions will use VR like they use GPS navigation, without a second thought. Casual mobile virtual reality (VR) will eat the world when Google announces its Daydream VR platform with its six hardware partners in October. Within two years, millions […]

By Tess Top 3D printed housing and construction project #2: Dubai’s 3D printed office Next up is Dubai’s very own, and the world’s very first 3D printed office building, which was constructed in just 17 days. Built from a mixture of cement and other building additives, and built using a 3D printing platform that measured 20 […]